Looking for work?

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I’m in the process of recruiting for an entry-level IT position. This position will have broad possibilities including help desk, software development, web development, graphics/video development, etc. At a minimum though, this position will need to be able to handle the first level help desk for our organization.

We’re still working out the budgetary possibilities here, but it’ll likely be a part-time position that would be perfect for a current college student or a recent graduate.

If you’re interested in this position, please connect with me for more information…

Chase Mobile App UX #Fail

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It seems as though everyone has a favorite banking application these days and today my favorite app failed me. In the year of 2013, consumers simply demand convenience from their mobile applications and consumers view mobile apps as an extension of the business whom provides it. It is for these very reasons that Chase and other financial institutions allow you to deposit checks online through their websites or mobile apps.

Annual Goals – 2013

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Recently I’ve been thinking about accountability quite a bit.  In many facets of each and everyone of our lives, accountability is what sets many of us apart from one another.  It is certainly extremely easy to look at others whom lack accountability and point it out, but as I type I’m looking at myself in a mirror.  Accountability starts with each and everyone of us and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and hold myself more accountable by sharing what my annual goals are. I will then provide a mid-year and a end-of-year review to update everyone on where things ended up.

Here is a look back on where I was in 2012.

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