Annual Goals – 2013

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Recently I’ve been thinking about accountability quite a bit.  In many facets of each and everyone of our lives, accountability is what sets many of us apart from one another.  It is certainly extremely easy to look at others whom lack accountability and point it out, but as I type I’m looking at myself in a mirror.  Accountability starts with each and everyone of us and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and hold myself more accountable by sharing what my annual goals are. I will then provide a mid-year and a end-of-year review to update everyone on where things ended up.

Here is a look back on where I was in 2012.


  1. More time with family at home.
  2. Healthier living by making some positive lifestyle changes.
  3. Increase TechDoba (side gig) revenues to $5,000 per month.
  4. More time focused towards “positive” ventures and things.
  5. Go to a Seahawks road game.

1. More Time With Family

Even though I work from home and spend quite a bit of my time at home, it is really easy for me to “checkout” and not be “present” with my family. This year I plan on spending less time on my phone and computer while my wife and son are awake to spend more time with them playing games and building lego things.

2. Healthier Living

This is probably the most common goal or resolution you’ll find and what works you may not for me, vice-versa. I’m not going to say I’m going on a diet. I’m not going to say I’m going to start some super crazy workout schedule. But I am saying that there has been no better time to make my health a priority and with less travel there are only pathetic excuses for not making good progress here.

I had made some great changes in 2011 in terms of physical activity, but moving from Renton to Vancouver allowed me to make an excuse and dismiss these changes… Well, I’m bringing the routine back. I will set aside two hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to spend on myself working out.

Pizza has also been a comfort food in every home I’ve ever lived in. Melissa and I decided that we’d not eat any pizza until my 31st birthday late in May and we plan on filling the void with more home cooked meals that we’ll prepare together.

3. TechDoba Revenues

Over the past year or so, I’ve not really pursued any “gigs” for TechDoba, but I’ve ended up taking on a few new customers and made a little extra cash. But this year I plan on taking this to a new level. We will be moving our CRM solution to a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform and begin to offer Managed Services packages to small and medium sized businesses. The goal as stated is to have revenues of $5,000 per month and I see us building up to this with a mixture of SAAS customers, Managed Services customers, and other consulting gigs.

4. More Time On Positive Things

I felt like I spent quite a bit of time dwelling on things that were outside of my control in 2012. These things tended to be fairly negative and the time spent on these was simply wasted. My time is valuable and I plan on trying to focus on things that I can control. I also plan on getting involved in more organizations with like minded individuals.

5. Seahawks Road Game

I had season tickets this past year for the Seahawks and on a number of occasions the folks sitting in front of me had traveled in to Seattle to watch the game with their friends and family. Since I love travelling and the Seahawks, perhaps it is time for these two passions to be merged together. The NFL has officially announced which teams will play each other in 2013, but the dates haven’t been announced. A couple of early favorites for 2013 are Atlanta, Carolina, Indianapolis, and New York. Once the dates are announced I’ll be making the necessary reservations to represent the 12th man in a foreign land.

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