Where is the professionalism Lenovo?

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Late in the evening on Thursday June 21st I was browsing my Facebook “timeline” and came across an interesting post from a friend of mine. Essentially my friend was looking at the Outlet website for Lenovo and while using their compare laptops feature, he discovered a very friendly message from Lenovo. I didn’t believe him at all, I mean this is Lenovo we’re talking about… So I decided I better take a look at this myself and low and behold, he was right. Essentially if you didn’t select 2 or more laptops to compare on the site, a JavaScript alert message was presented to tell you that you needed to select more. Pretty simple, right? Or maybe not?
Please select two or more items to compare. Asshole.
I took a screenshot of the message from my iPhone and decided to post a tweet on the matter as shown below… https://twitter.com/RussSolberg/status/216050216829337601 This tweet went viral I guess. It’s been re-tweeted well over 1400 times and favorited by over 250 people. Scores of people reposted a similar message and my timeline has been going nuts for 4 days with responses. I didn’t make it up… I didn’t photoshop it (not good enough to do that)… Which is sad… As a developer, I would do all kinds of modifications and changes to the code to make sure what was executing was really what was desired. But NEVER and I mean NEVER in that time did I ever decided to start lacing my code with unprofessional profanities. First, there is no reason for that to ever be in code. Second, mistakes can happen and even with the most stringent of code reviews and mod analysis before checking code into SVN/GIT/VSS/TFS/etc. things can get missed. So why risk it? So the million dollar question then becomes, was it a mistake or a disgruntled employee leaving a mark? I’m not sure we’ll ever know and Lenovo probably won’t ever tell us. But either way, it was highly unprofessional and should be something that ALL developers and authors of code should keep in mind. Lenovo’s response on the matter has been interesting. They didn’t initially see my tweet, but saw a message I posted on their Facebook “page”. I kindly suggested that they might want to have QA test the compare feature on the Outlet site. By mid-morning on Friday they hid the compare feature which other twitter users were able to spot with Firebug and subsequently they removed the entire feature from the page. Lenovo apologized to me directly on the matter and also made a couple of tweets on the subject. I just looked this morning and the entire compare feature is still completely missing. They’ve now had over an entire business day to simply delete one word. They were able to delete the entire feature pretty quick, so you’d think a removal of a single word would even be faster. I’m perplexed that it isn’t back up yet, this isn’t a rinky dink company we’re talking about, it is Lenovo!
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